Hide the evidence that you visited this website

Internet browsers normally save certain information as you use the internet.  This information includes words you searched on Google and all of the sites you have visited.  These searches and websites will appear on your browsing history.  If you are worried that someone at home will look at your online activities, you can hide sensitive internet activity (such as this website or other related websites, bus/train schedules or other “escape” routes, new apartment searches) by using a computer at a local library, a friend’s house, or at work.  You can also reduce the chance that someone will discover your internet activities by following these instructions to hide your internet activity.

Additional internet privacy tips

  • It is not possible to delete or clear all the “footprints” of your computer or online activities.  If you are being monitored, be cautious about changing your computer behaviors such as suddenly deleting your entire Internet history if that is not your regular habit.
  • If you use an account to browse or shop for any “sensitive” materials, use a secure, private password that an abuser would not be able to guess.  Make sure that you do not save the password to your browser (which automatically remembers your password for each login), unless you are using a computer that an abuser cannot access.
  • If you think you may be monitored on your home computer by an abuser, exercise caution with your use of your home computer.  You may want to continue using the monitored computer for “safe” activities, like checking the weather or ordering a pizza.  Use a safer computer to research an escape plan, look for new jobs or apartments, bus tickets, or ask for help.