How We've Helped



A client came to the Clinic with a baseball cap on her head, a folder full of documents in her hands, and many questions on her mind. “I am not really sure what I would do if I lose my DACA protection,” she said just before we started working on her renewal application. The client came to America from Poland in the 1990s when she was a child, a fourteen- month-old baby. “I don’t really speak Polish,” she said. “I understand something, but it is a foreign language to me,” she added. Initial DACA protection was crucial to her success—it gave her the necessary work permit and a Social Security Number. The client was lucky – her DACA renewal date fell within the 6 month period for DACA renewals following President Trump’s rescission of DACA on September 5th.


Our client has a daughter with untreated bi-polar symptoms and her perpetrator-husband is under the care of a VA psychiatrist for post-traumatic stress disorder. We helped our client get an emergency order of protection and worked with her to prepare a Plenary Order to present to the judge. The Plenary Order includes court authority for our client to obtain appropriate medical care for the daughter, addresses the husband’s need to remain under psychiatric care, and prohibits his possession of guns and weapons.


The family of our client received an eviction notice on a Friday afternoon for an order directed not at them, but at the family that had lived in the apartment before them. This was the first they heard of it. They were told that the sheriff would be at their apartment on Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. Our volunteer attorney was at the courthouse when it opened on Monday morning, got an emergency stay, and stopped the eviction. The family was able to pay back rent and stayed in the apartment until they found a new home.